Our People/Our Post

Wade Bowlin - 7/5/2022

We have had many great Events at the Post lately and I hope all are happy with our progress. We have served many Veterans and our Community as well. 

Memorial Day and the 4'th of July we have eaten very well. Its hard not to enjoy a potluck or a BBQ,  
 We have many new events coming up soon.
 Our first Bike time Breakfast: July 16-17
 We are working with Structural Concepts(our neighbors across Porter) to celebrate their 50'th Anniversary on August 9'th 2022
Every 3'rd Wednesday of the month we are doing Hamburger nights- Appreciate your Volunteers!!
If you haven't been to the Post in a while stop in and see if you notice any changes/ I have a feeling you will.
The Corn Roast(July 30'th) should be a Fun time again this year
Euchre Tournaments starting in September!!!
Sailor Salute is also right around the corner.  If you haven't been or don't know about Sailor salute ask us at the Post.  It is a great community event put on to thank Veterans and first responders in our area.    

I am sure I missed some things. We have had a busy summer and there are tons of things in the works.
Help us find ways to make the Post what we want it to be in the future. Our Volunteer core is small and yet it takes many to carry a Post long enough for the next Generation to understand the benefits we provide. If you can help or have ideas-Speak up and join us in the cause to help Veterans any way we can.