2020-2021 Elections

Mary Whitman - 6/20/2020

With  a sigh of relief, we can now announce the election results held at our first meeting since the COVID 19 mess. Officers will begin fulfilling their positions July 1, 2020. 
Commander: Jason Whitman
Sr Vice Commander: Wade Bowlin
Jr Vice Commander: Dean Davis
Quartermaster: Mary Whitman
Chaplain: Rod Puseman
3 year trustee: Clint Fowler
2 year trustee: Rich Finneman
1 year trustee: Andy Martin
Congratulations to our new elected officers. Looking forward to leading the way to the future.

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2020-2021 Elections

Finally! Post election results are out!

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 Canteen will open June 22, 2020 with COVID precautionary rules. Post and Aux meetings are opening up to regular times again. The following rules and precautions will be instituted upon opening. 


Canteen reopening



            Welcome, we are glad you are here. Due to the current pandemic and government restrictions seeking to stop the spread of the covid-19 Virus, we have implemented a few things you may not be used to doing.  We are asking that all visitors wear a mask upon entering our facility and keep them on until seated.  We are not a policing organization but are merely trying to adhere to the given guidelines and ensure everyone feels safe and stays healthy.




We will ask for your name and a current contact number before we serve you to ensure we can inform you of any developments we become aware of regarding possible exposure to infections.

Try to maintain a six-foot distance from anyone not a member of your household.

 Be courteous and respectful, not everyone has the same opinions, risk factors or reasons for being cautious but noone wants any of our fellow veterans or their family to die needlessly.

Helpful suggestions that are reasonable are always welcome as we try our best to respond and be flexible during these very unprecedented times. We are in this together and together we will succeed.



Jason Whitman

Jason Whitman

Commander VFW Post 3195